Nature Monitoring

Develop species inventories, pollutants or biodiversity monitoring through citisnes-led collection of nature data.

We use citinses-enabled digital and hands on tools (Drones, Dendrometers) to collect data, evidence and insights pertinent to soil, trees, urban forests and biodiversity, in order to support site-specific regeneration projects. 

Some of our services include:

  • Multi-level analysis of natural ecosystems
  • Urban forest inventories and canopy mapping
  • Baseline analysis
  • Flora and Fauna monitoring
  • Soil quality analysis and chromatography 
  • Ecosystem Services monitoring

We also strive to bring the world of scientific disciplines closer to children, students and other citizens and volunteers in order to strengthen the relationship between institutions and civil society.

Data Analysis and Research

Stakeholder Engagement

Place-Based Strategies

Landscape Design

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