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    We are a nonprofit organization that studies and promotes Nature-based Solutions in collaboration with local communities and institutions. We study the most effective strategies to enhance mutual interactions between humans and other life forms, within urban and suburban environments.

    Our Mission

    We want to innovate the role of urban nature and change the way cities are designed: through integrated research and experimentation with participatory models for managing the commons.

    What do we do

    — Organize and conduct ecosystem services analysis.
    — Research and implementation of Nature-Based Solution.
    — Facilitation and mediation between grassroots, public administration and institutions.
    — Environmental education and scientific dissemination.


    We are a multidisciplinary team with several areas of expertise, including: communication, graphic & interaction design, filmmaking, landscape & architecture, logistic, urban policy, research, software development and writing.

    Our group works remotely across Europe where we are building a network of partners. All team members have work experiences in both grassroot and professional environments.

    • Esraa Bar El Din,
    • Carlotta Conte,
    • Lorenzo Fassi,
    • Daniela Mori,
    • Gianluca Rapaccini,
    • Giacomo Rapaccini,
    • Giorgia Serafini,
    • Andrea Zaccuri,
    • Stefano Zoli,


    Terra preta (dark soil) is a special type of soil capable of self-healing. It is one of the earliest known compost: it originated around 2800 BCE in the Amazon rainforest from the decomposition of plants, mineral and animal remains accumulated at the edge of villages.
    An invisible infrastructure that generates a connection between the various elements that inhabit it, for us the starting point of a path to regenerate and restore the ecosystems that the city has so far forgotten.

    Support Our Work

    Our work is supported by private investors, institutions and grants. Being a nonprofi organization all the money we receive is directly allocated to our operations.

    Those who wish to support our organization can do so through the following methods: