We Care for Earthly Challenges

Over 60% of European soils are unhealthy. This is costing Europe about €50bn per year due to the loss of essential ecosystem services (from food to feed, from water regulation to early tree mortality) which in return have a negative impact on urban heat, and increased damages of flash floods. The protection of its fertility and regulatory capacity is a guarantee for biological sustainability and a key asset for human and nature.

In Europe, over 80% of natural habitats and 63% of species are in poor condition (one in three bee and butterfly species are in decline) mainly due to human impact such as poor land management practices (eg. deforestation), overfishing or pollution). We need a new paradigm of resource planning and land use where humans can generate novel symbiotic relationships with other life forms.

We are facing interconnected crises which require a holistic and integrated approach that considers multiple interdependencies (eg. between climate change, biodiversity loss, and socio-economic inequality), to tackle local problems and inspire global change.

The COVID-19 pandemic, recent economic crisis caused by global conflicts and the economic impact of climate change, have exacerbated the systemic social inequalities in our society. A truly just climate transition means acknowledging and overcoming these structural inequalities by developing environments that are both healthy and truly inclusive.

What do we do

We help landowners, municipalities and community land groups depave, decontaminate, and regenerate their degraded land thanks to the value of soil intelligence.

Our pilot project

Osservatorio La Goccia

Osservatorio La Goccia is a life-laboratory which aims to use innovative bioremediation practices to regenerate the contaminated forest of La Goccia and enhance its ecosystem services.

The Osservatorio is an interdisciplinary pilot project launched in September 2022, backed by a partnership between Terrapreta, the Municipality of Milan, the Natural History Museum of Milan, CNR-Iret, CFU-Italia Nostra and Progetto Natura Onlus.

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Research & Development

What's Next?

We are developing the next generation tools to bring soil intelligence in the hands of everyone.

Are you a municipality in need of updating your tree inventory?

Are you an architect seeking guidelines to inform your landscape projects?

Are you a landowner looking to reduce the impact of your remediation?

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